southern pierogi

handMade with love 

Charlotte, nc

​Pierogi: Filled Dumplings originating from Eastern Europe

Co-owners Brian Malone and Kelly Mitchell share a passion for cooking, entertaining, and sharing their food perspectives with friends and family. In 2007, when they relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina from Ohio and Michigan, Brian and Kelly formed a fast friendship built largely around their mutual love of cooking.

Brian developed aspirations of launching his own food-focused start-up following several years living in and exploring Europe, while Kelly, owner of a small salon in Matthews, NC, has never strayed from her love of food, continuing to create recipes based on her experiences crafting pierogi at the elbow of her Polish grandmother.

After years of sampling each other’s creations and establishing new traditions at dinner parties and holiday celebrations, Brian and Kelly seized the opportunity to forge a partnership enabling them to preserve time-honored tradition while creating something unique to share with the greater Charlotte area: Southern Pierogi.

Kelly Mitchell and Brian Malone formed Southern Pierogi in 2016 with the hopes of bringing their love of pierogi to Charlotte, NC.

Our pierogi are handmade fresh each week, beginning with a dough recipe handed down generation-to-generation. We use filling combinations both familiar and new, then our pierogi are flash frozen to preserve their freshness. We hope you enjoy sharing them with your friends and family as much as we enjoy making them.